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Targeting the Engine Room of the Cancer Cell
Researchers at Columbia University, led by Dr. Andrea Califano, have developed an innovative computational framework that can support personalized cancer treatment by matching individual tumors with the drugs or drug combinations that are most likely to kill them. The new study, published in Nature Genetics, details a proof of concept for a novel analytical platform applicable to any cancer type and validates its predictions on GEP-NET tumors.
Tuuli Lappalainen Receives Leena Peltonen Prize For Excellence In Human Genetics
Dr. Lappalainen, assistant professor of systems biology and faculty at the New York Genome Center, is the recipient of the 2018 Leena Peltonen Prize for Excellence in Human Genetics. Dr. Lappalainen marks the first Finnish genomic researcher to receive the award, honoring one of Finland's most renowned scientists.
Columbia Joins Global Consortium to Advance Precision Cancer Medicine
Columbia University has joined Project GENIE, which brings together leading institutions in cancer research and treatment to provide a repository for the largest possible amount of clinical-grade cancer genomic data and clinical outcomes data. At Columbia, GENIE is being led by Drs. Raul Rabadan of systems biology and Richard Carvajal of medicine.
Molly Przeworski Recognized for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship
Dr. Przeworski of biological sciences and of systems biology is one of eight recipients this year of Columbia University's Distinguished Faculty Award for exceptional teaching. The annual award recognizes faculty across a range of professional activities, including scholarship, University citizenship and professional involvement.
Electronic Health Record Analysis Shows Which Diseases Run in Families
Findings from a new study by researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian could streamline efforts to understand and mitigate disease risk—especially for diseases with no known disease-associated genes. The study, published by Cell, was co-led by Systems Biology’s Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD, and David Vawdrey, PhD, of Biomedical Informatics.