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Awards and Grants
Karin Isaev awarded 2023-2024 Lead Teaching Fellowship
Karin Isaev, a graduate student in David Knowles lab, was recently awarded a Lead Teaching Fellowship from the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning.
Awards and Grants
Rodney Rothstein, PhD, receives UIC Award!
On Thursday, April 20, the UIC Alumni Association presented its annual Alumni Awards Ceremony honoring standout rising stars, humanitarians, distinguished service and exceptional achievement within UIC’s alumni community. Among the awards given, the Alumni Achievement Award, the highest honor bestowed by UIC, was present to Rodney Rothstein, PhD.
Research News
Illuminating Tumor Cells with Dark Proteins
Columbia researchers have shined new light on how the “dark” part of the genome allows cancer cells to be detected by the immune system, which could lead to better immunotherapies.
Research News
Preterm Birth Linked to Chemicals Found in the Vagina
Chemicals that accumulate in the vagina, potentially originating from personal care products, may contribute to spontaneous preterm birth, according to a new study by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Awards and Grants
Laura Landweber, PhD, receives award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Laura Landweber, PhD, will receive $3,858,485 over five years from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for "Understanding Complex Genome Editing and RNA Biology in Oxytricha."