Saeed Tavazoie


Saeed Tavazoie Wins Transformative Research Award
With the support of the NIH’s High-Risk, High-Reward Research program, Tavazoie will develop a new technology combining experimental and computational methods to map all pairwise molecular interactions in the cell.
Protein Found that Promotes Breast Cancer Metastasis
Saeed Tavazoie and researchers at Rockefeller University have discovered that the RNA binding protein TARBP2 drives metastasis and identified tantalizing connections between cancer and two neurodegenerative diseases.
Systems Biology Throws You Out of the Box: An Interview with Saeed Tavazoie
Dr. Tavazoie discusses his research in the areas of gene transcription, post-transcriptional regulation, and molecular evolution, and how novel technologies coming out of systems biology push scientists to think in new ways.
Synthetic and Systems Biology: Reinventing the Code of Life
In video of this roundtable discussion at the Helix Center, professors Saeed Tavazoie and Andrea Califano join a panel of experts in discussing the intersection of systems and synthetic biology, and the role these two disciplines will play in the biological sciences.
The Rise of Systems Biology
"'Science is more than a body of knowledge, it's a way of thinking,' remarked Carl Sagan, and probably his words were never more powerfully relevant than for portraying one of the newest biomedical fields, systems biology."