Yufeng Shen

Career Opportunities

The Shen Lab currently has openings for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students, and a scientific programmer. Please contact Yufeng for details.

Postdoctoral Researcher: Computational Genomics in Cancer

The scientist in this position will develop computational and statistical methods to integrate genomic mutations and gene expression; analyze such data in cancer genomic studies to identify driver mutations, to learn the mechanism of tumor evolution, and to study heterogeneity and progression; and collaborate with clinicians to improve personalized treatment. The postdoc will participate or lead the analysis of large scale cancer genomics studies carried out by Columbia Genome Center and collaborators. The ideal candidate would have background in cancer genomics or systems biology, with strong programming and analytical skills.

Postdoctoral Researcher: Statistical and Computational Genetics

This project involves developing new computational and statistical approaches to analyze large-scale genome sequencing data in genetic studies of human complex diseases. We have access to unique datasets designed to reveal the complete genetic architecture of congenital heart diseases and other complex traits. Our lab is an interdisciplinary environment, the postdoc will participate in the experimental design of the data and work side-by-side with biological and clinical collaborators. The ideal candidate would have training in both human genetics and statistics or computer science, and have demonstrated empirical data analysis skills.

Graduate Students

Interested prospective students should contact me for details. Graduate students may join the lab through either C2B2 Graduate Program or Department of Biomedical Informatics PhD program.

Undergraduates and Masters Students

If you are an undergraduate or Masters student interested in gaining research experience to prepare for graduate schools, please contact me directly to discuss possible projects. Students with good programming skills or a mathematical background are particularly encouraged to apply.