Jonathan Reichel

Jonathan Reichel


Lead Bioinformatics Scientist, CMO Innovation Laboratory, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jonathan Reichel graduated with high honors in biological sciences from the University of Maryland in College Park, where he worked on a human genetics association study and designed paramagnetic nanotubes made from silicon dioxide and magnetite for use in bioextraction and future drug delivery systems. Since then, he has studied computer engineering as a post-baccalaureate student at Rutgers University, and served in the southern African country of Namibia as a volunteer with the Peace Corps, where he taught middle school science and math and learned the Bantu-based Oshindonga language. In the Rabadan Lab, Jonathan develops computational tools to discover signals in high-throughput sequencing data with a focus on cancer, gene fusions, and novel pathogens.

Education History

BS, University of Maryland
Biological Sciences


Singh D, Chan JM, Zoppoli P, Niola F, Sullivan R, Castano A, Liu EM, Reichel J, Porrati P, Pellegatta S, Qiu K, Gao Z, Ceccarelli M, Riccardi R, Brat DJ, Guha A, Aldape K, Golfinos JG, Zagzag D, Mikkelsen T, Finocchiaro G, Lasorella A, Rabadan R, Iavarone A. Transforming fusions of FGFR and TACC genes in human glioblastomaScience. 2012 Sep 7;337(6099):1231-5. 


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