Luis Arnes

Luis Arnes


Associate Research Scientist


Luis Arnes received his PhD from the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology at the school of Biological Science at the Autonomous University in Spain in 2009. After graduation, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Lori Sussel in the Department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University to study the gene regulatory network that regulates pancreas development and maintenance of terminally differentiated endocrine lineages. He received extensive training in molecular biology and mouse genetics. In 2016, he joined the laboratory of Raul Rabadan in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. His current research integrates genome wide data and experimental validation to identify novel regulators of tumor progression with emphasis in signaling pathways required in development and aberrantly reactivated in tumorigenesis.

Education History

PhD, Autonomous University, Spain                                                                                             Genetics and Cell Biology


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