Zachary Carpenter

Zachary Carpenter


PhD Graduate

Zachary Carpenter completed his PhD as a Pharmacology and Molecular Signaling student and fellow of the Med into Grad Scholars Program at Columbia University's College of Physicians and SurgeonsHis participation in the MIG Scholars program at Columbia enabled him to obtain medical experience in pediatric and adult hematological oncology, which was his main research focus under Dr. Rabadan and Dr. Adolfo Ferrando. As a graduate student his interests included structure-based drug design, in silico pharmacology, and clonal evolution and phasing in cancer.

Previously, Zach graduated from the College of New Jersey in 2009 with a BS in biology and minors in chemistry and computer science. Zach has a strong interest at the intersection between translational medicine and high throughput next-generation techniques and algorithms. During his undergraduate studies Zach was involved in several bioinformatics research projects, including an REU at UMass Amherst—focused on the ubiquitin proteasome system—and a brief study at Oxford University

Education History

BS, The College of New Jersey, Biology


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